Help, Healing & Hope – Phase III

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Phase III of Help, Healing & Hope!

In Phase I and Phase II we raised a total of $17,238.78 .

It has been a humbling experience to be able to help so many people who struggle with stifling medical debt for our neighbors right here in Pennsylvania.  

Over half of all collections activity in this country is medical related. With our help, RIP has been able to purchase this debt for pennies on the dollar.

What has encouraged us the most is that these funds were raised starting with Hope Church,Manheim and St. Luke’s, Lebanon: two churches that over their history have worked together since the days of their founding, and are now in two separate Diocese in Central Pennsylvania, and Bethlehem.  We are finding occasion to work together again.

Loving our neighbors, with our neighbors has helped us discover common mission together and we are thrilled.  What’s even better is that Phase I was funded by dozens of Episcopal Churches in both dioceses, as well as through a number of special offerings, personal donations, and support by faith communities.

Phase III allows us to work together to keep this good thing going.  We are honored to work with all of you on this common mission and are very appreciative of your generosity! 

Together, let us in Jesus’ name offer Help, Healing & Hope!

To learn more about the two churches that began the initiative, or our two dioceses, or see how recent news features on RIP Medical Debt, please click on the links below.  

If you wish to join us with your support you may send contributions payable to “Hope Episcopal Church” and designate “Medical Debt” in the memo line and we will forward your gifts to the campaign.  You may contribute here: for our online giving link at Hope Church  – OR – contribute directly on the RIP page.