In the book of Genesis, God declared the whole of creation to be very good—both the earth and ALL life dwelling upon it. Humans, as God’s trusted representatives on earth, were given dominion (meaning responsibility not domination) as the caretakers of His creation. As God made all earthly things interdependent, we have a sacred obligation to tend, serve and protect the whole of creation—in all of its entirety. As Episcopalians, Creation Care is fundamental to our core beliefs. 

For Future Generations

At Hope Church, we are excited about our new Creation Care ministry which embraces God’s plan to be good stewards of our earthly community. We have begun anew to rejuvenate our 17 acre church campus, our homes and properties with efforts to reuse, refurbish and recycle “throw away” items, reduce toxic emissions, clean up our watershed and improve landscapes by planting native trees and shrubs. These efforts not only help to clean up the environment but also provide safe habitats for interdependent plant an animal species common to central Pennsylvania. We also look for opportunities to share our knowledge and experience with other communities advocating for good conservational change.

As a people of faith, we know that the job ahead is enormous, but we are not without hope. The sustainability of God’s creation needs immediate attention from all of us. At Hope Church, we want to be an example as caretakers of our earthly home and to inspire others to join us in making our environment a better place for our children and future generations.