Stewardship is our personal response to God’s generosity. It is manifest in the way we decide the level of our commitment to share our resources of time, talent and treasure with our faith community, all of those we serve and all whom we could serve.

We ask God to help us perceive what is right, the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it. 

Although we consider stewardship a year-round “thanks giving” program, our financial commitments are gathered in November of each year so the Vestry, with the guidance of the Finance Committee and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, can plan the budget for the following year.

We believe that caring for God’s creation is a pressing Christian value for our time. Thus we take seriously God’s invitation in Genesis 1:28 that we are “to have dominion over the earth”. We understand this to mean that we are to be good stewards of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, respecting the right of all living things to share our earthly home.

Hope Church participates in feeding the hungry, recycling, shelter animal adoption, and making other decisions that advocate for climate control.